Friday, June 6, 2008


On our trip to Alameda it was koo. Maybe it wasnt that fun because I been there a lot of times. Alameda is a pretty clean and it is very diverse. I saw a mixture of a lot of rases. They had a lot of chinese resturants and fast food places, some mexican resturants, and coffee shops. They also had clothes stores and shoe stores, salons, etc. The people were friendly but didn't like getting interviewed for some reason. Only one person let us interview him. We asked a lot of people but everyone seemed to be bussy during the time that we wanted to interview them. There was a school out for their lunch break so that made even bussier and harder to interview people. After the interviews we went to the baech. That was pretty fun. We got to just kick it and relax for a while. The beach was really nice, and it was fun just to hang out with the class and not interview anymore lol. I think the funnest part of the trip was going to the beach.

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