Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Before going to Chinatown I thought there wasn't going to be different rases, but when i got there I saw that there was a few African Americans and a few white people. The diffrences between Chinatown and Fruitvale is that in Fruitvale there was a lot of Latinos and it was more diverse and there are more different kinds of resturants. In Chinatown there was a lot of Asians and they mostly had Asian resturants. The people in Fruitvale were more opened to us. It was easier to interview them and understnad them because I could understand what they were saying. The people in Chinatown were a little shy to get interviewed. Most of the people we tried to interview told us that they couldn't speak english. Some similarities is that there was alot of people walking around. What surprised me about Chinatown is how most of the people we asked to interview fefused. When we went to a jewlry shop the Lady looked at us like she was scared. Overall it was fun going to Chinatown.

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