Friday, May 30, 2008


My experience in Rockridge was fun, the people were friendly. We have a lot of fast food resturants in Fruitvale but in Rockridge there isn't as many. most people were very nice and they wanted to be interviewed. The people we interviewed had a really nice attitude. I never went to Rockridge before and it was a nice experience. Some of the differences between Rockridge and Fruitvale are that in Rockridge there is a lot of white people and African Americans and very few Latinos, some of the Latinos wern't from there. Rockridge had a lot of shopping centers that we dont have in Fruitvale, the stores had very expensive things and resturants. In Fruitvale there is alot of Latinos almost no white people and we have resturants that aren't all that lot of them, they have healthier places to eat. I was surprised that Rockridge was still Oakland because of the nice shopping center and because I saw a lot of white people around it was kind of more cleaner than wher were at. Even though it had nice shopping centers and resturants it wasn't all that clean and there was some tagging so is kind of similar to Fruitvale.

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