Thursday, May 22, 2008

Walnut Creek

My experience at Walnut Creek was easier than my experience at Walnut Creek. It seemed like people on Fruitvale were a little scared or it just didn’t feel right to them to let us interview them, although they were pretty nice about it. At Walnut Creek it seemed like they had a lot to say about there community. Here on Fruitvale when we interviewed the people they had a lot to say about their community they talked about the negative things and the positive. I learned that people in our community have respect us and for their community. They like their community even though it’s not the safest. They showed us that just because it isn’t safe doesn’t mean is bad either. One positive thing I liked about Fruitvale is that it’s a very open community and they have all these different types of restaurants even though the majority in that community is Latinos. They have a lot of shops that sale a lot of different and unique things. Some negative aspects about Fruitvale is that it isn’t all that clean a lady that we interviewed talked about how around 7 they get scared of being there because it gets dangerous. I learned that Fruitvale is diverse. Even though there’s a lot of Latinos you still see all the different people and cultures and it shows when you go to Fruitvale because of all the restaurants and the people you see there.

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olivia said...

Hey Laura My name is Olivia.While reading your blog I really liked how you talked about your thoughts on Oakland nice detail. I think that if you put more pics it would make your blog stronger. In geral your blog is really good.